September 28, 2007

Adlaï is 6 months old today!

Two little monkies
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Adlaï is already six months old. What a humbling experience it has been so far, in so many different ways. Having somebody rely on you all day every day for all their needs teaches much about patience and tolerance. At least I get breaks; Gabriela has been breast feeding and so doesn't get much time off.
Seeing Adlaï come alive over the last few months is a marvelous experience. You can see his hearing, sight and motor abilities change from one day to the next, and his fascination with the world is renewed and heightened every time he gets to experience it in a little richer form.
Having a baby suddenly makes people very friendly, and it makes you think about how reserved we normally all are with each other. Just having the excuse of admiring the baby is enough for many people, both complete strangers and also those we see on a regular basis in shops, neighbours, etc, to start talking with us.

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